we OFFEr transparent, Fee-only, CUSTOMIZED WEALTH MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL planning advice to meet each clients unique financial needs.

You are unique and so are your financial needs.  Planning for your financial future is an on-going process that deserves personalized attention and customized solutions. Throughout your life needs arise and opportunities emerge. We strive to meet our clients’ investment and financial planning needs by offering a broad range of services. Our financial planning advice can include retirement planning, estate and tax planning, educational savings planning, insurance reviews, family budget analysis, and other important financial guidance.  We strive to know our clients well and pride ourselves on being proactive and highly responsive.  We endeavor to respond to all your financial questions big or small in a timely manner, as no question should go unanswered or concern unaddressed. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you now, next year and at every stage of your life.

At Legal Advantage Investments, Inc. we are highly focused on cost savings and tax efficiency in supporting a client's long term financial goals.  For most clients the bulk of our investments are made in carefully researched individual public securities rather than a narrow, pre-selected group of mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETF).  Using individual stocks lowers a client's total costs by removing the extra layer of fund management fees associated with mutual fund and ETF investing.  Through careful stock selection and placement of equity and fixed income investments in accounts based on tax status, we strive to maximize after tax returns.  In addition, carefully managing the sale of individual tax lots of securities can defer taxation of capital gains or offset other gains a client may have accumulated in a certain year. We find our comprehensive approach allows for greater customization and timely adjustments to clients' accounts as their individual circumstances change.

Why legal advantage investments inc.

We believe clients deserve complete transparency when it comes to paying for wealth advisory services. At Legal Advantage Investments, Inc. we receive no commissions or sales loads for recommending particular investments or products. Our compensation comes directly from clients and not from any third party product providers. Our fee-only/commission-free business model ensures we put our clients’ interests first.*

* Although Legal Advantage Investments, Inc. does not charge commissions, sales loads, or other investment product fees, your independent broker/dealer, acting as custodian of your assets, may charge trading commissions or other fees.  We generally recommend the use of a discount brokerage firm to limit these additional costs.  We have negotiated certain concessions (such as reduced margin interest rates) with certain brokerage firms on behalf of our clients.

The safety of your assets is of utmost importance to us. By law, registered investment advisors are held to a fiduciary standard. We take our obligation to put client interests ahead of our own interests seriously. As a Legal Advantage Investments client, your assets are held in segregated accounts at the broker/custodian of your choice, not at our firm.  This provides extra security for you. Account statements from your broker/custodian confirm the holdings and value of your accounts and you can compare them to the account reports our firm provides to you. Getting regular reporting on your accounts from two separate sources (Legal Advantage Investments, Inc. and your selected Custodian) provides an important safeguard for your savings. We manage accounts on a discretionary basis under a limited power of attorney only.  This restricts our access to your funds while allowing us to enact trades on your behalf to build your customized investment portfolio. 

As an independent registered investment advisor not affiliated with or limited to a specific financial products provider, Legal Advantage Investments, Inc. has the freedom to choose investments from a wide range of sources.  We believe having a wide range of investment choices, free of commission-based compensation, best meets our clients’ unique financial planning needs.